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David Vaccaro
V-Project New Machine
featuring vocalist
Robin McCauley

What do The J Geils Band, Aerosmith, Till Tuesday, The Jon Butcher Axis, The Neighborhoods, Beaver Brown, The WBCN Rock'n Roll Rumble/Battle of the Bands and 35 cents-a-gallon gasoline have in common?  The answer?  The Boston music scene during an era when David Vaccaro was paying his dues honing his guitar skills in area clubs, schools, and colleges in his bands Oz and Capital Gain.  It wasn't long, though, until David's AOR guitar playing and songwriting took a west coast turn and prompted him to move his prowess in both to the clubs of Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.
It was there that David became acquainted with Survivor ("Eye Of The Tiger") vocalist Robin McCauley.  The Irish-born singer/songwriter collaborated with David on the V-Project's first CD, The Lost Demos and the success and popularity of that work prompted David and Robin to hook up again on this project.  Robin sings and also co-wrote four songs on this project (Exit Sign, Somebody Like You, You Don't Care, Tangled In Your Web).  The rest is all Dave, singing and playing EVERYTHING.

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1. Exit Sign
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2. Somebody Like You
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3. The Stake
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4. Disclaimer
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5. Time To Move On
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6. Desert Run
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7. You Don't Care
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8. Tangled In Your Web
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9. On Yer Way
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10. Back To My Baby
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11. V-Project New Machine - $9.89
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