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If you are a songwriter or recording artist with your own recorded music or a publisher who owns masters and would like to sell your downloads at the Virtual Music Market, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Please click on this link,, and give us the lowdown about your plans and desires regarding your music career and a link to where we can go to hear your music.

Virtual Music Market is not an mp3 clearing house, accepting any and all products submitted like most of the download stores on the Web.  We want to be a bit more selective about what products are in our store and a bit more involved in helping aspiring artists and songwriters develop their careers, much like a record label would.

The parent company, 1617 Virtual, LLC, is a promotion and marketing company with 30+ years of music business experience in songwriting, songplugging, music publishing ( and radio and Internet promotion.  Add to that a decade of marketing and advertising experience, and we have much of the same expertise as a conventional record label.  And we operate in the digital world, which is a new playing field with evolving ideas and strategies.

Our plan is to operate much like a record label, performing conventional record label functions like releasing and promoting music to radio and Internet broadcast media, and advertising and promoting our store and your products everywhere we can.  Having a hit single record at radio requires a substantial sum of money we don't have. That's one of the main reasons the recording industry is floundering like it is - all the eggs are in that one basket.  Therefore our efforts will simply be to expose and "brand" your music with all the people who can play it, not just the reporting stations.

So, if you're interested, and we love what you do, we'd like the opportunity to help you take your career to the next level.

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