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Toni Catlin
A Nashville-based singer-songwriter with an honest, thought-provoking style, Toni Catlin made her recording debut five years ago with the release of HEARTACHE ON THE RUN.  Now she follows it up with an equally impressive album which Mary Gauthier describes as "fantastic", adding, "Her singing is stunning, simply beautiful.  Her songs are first rate, and her style crosses many genres."

Jointly produced by Doug Lancio and Thomm Jutz, the production is well suited to the material.  She wrote or co-wrote all fourteen songs, and without exception, the songs have sensitive, literate, poetic lyrics strongly suggesting that she is not only wearing her heart on her sleeve but convincingly revealing her own life experiences.  It has been a five-year wait since Toni's last album.  This lady has something fresh and meaningful to offer so one can only hope that we will not have to wait as long for her next one.

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Download - .99

1. Not Goin' Down

2. Strong Stuff

3. Undertow

4. A Little Leads To More

5. Hallelujah

6. Uncovered

7. Sharpest Edge Of Love

8. Disappear

9. Break Me Open

10. Deeper

11. When The Morning Comes

12. Room To Burn

13. Sunday Morning

14. Shooting Arrows In The Dark

15. Uncovered - $12.99
(entire album zip file)