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Paul Evans.









Paul Evans

"One of the best original traditional country albums I've ever heard." -
Nashville songplugger Raleigh Squires

I've been pitching songs and listening to singer/songwriters in Nashville for over 30 years and I can tell you, this is one of the rarest finds I've ever had the pleasure to run across.  Paul Evans is the real deal.  A diamond in the rough with a bag full of incomparable gems.  Traditional country songwriting is a lost art in today's country music world.  But this collection of songs and performances ranks at the top of my list of not only unknown and unheralded singer/songwriter albums but stands up against any Hank Williams, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings albums of their era.  And I realize that's saying a lot.  Alan Jackson, George Strait, Hank Jr., and country radio should all open their ears to this guy and get back to what made country music famous in the first place.  Any of these 14 songs would make a great country record today and I honestly doubt whether any of today's country artists could deliver these as well as Paul does.  This album is a must for any serious real country music fan.  It's some of the best country music you've never heard.


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1. Endlessly

2. Catch My Fallin' Heart

3. A Grown Man In My Mirror

4. A Place Called Yesterday's

5. Another Bottle Of Blues

6. Like I Do

7. The Keeper Of The Storm

8. She's My Angel Woman

9. He's More Girl (Than She'll Ever Be)

10. Kiss Me Like There's No Tomorrow

11. Ham Meat and Greens

12. Every Day That I'm In Love With You

13. Walkin' You Out Of My Mind

14. I'm Seein' Lonely

15. Endlessly - $7.99
(entire album zip file)