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The Memphis Boys

Gene Chrisman - Drums
Bobby Emmons - Organ & Keyboards
Mike Leech - Bass
Bobby Wood - Acoustic Piano & Keyboards
Reggie Young - Guitar

Produced by Allen Reynolds & Mark Miller

Anyone who loves popular music knows the work of these five individuals who comprise The Memphis Boys.  It includes hits as diverse and exceptional as Elvis' "Suspicious Minds," Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," and Willie's "Always On My Mind." For over 25 years, these five men were one of the most innovative and respected rhythm sections in pop & country music.  So well-respected by their peers that in 2007 they were inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame.  Released originally in 1990, they have now entered the world of digital music e-commerce with the digital reissue of this great instrumental album.

Download - .99

1. Mallwalkin'

2. Streets Of Soul

3. Lost In A Fog

4. Who's Watchin' Who

5. Hard To Let Go

6. Callin' Your Bluff

7. Delta Rain

8. Beale Street Bar-B-Q

9. Dinah Might

10. Tip Your Waitress

11. The Memphis Boys
(Zipfile 10 songs for 9.90)