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More music from Matthew Crafton and BNZ.







Matthew Crafton
BNZ EP & extras

The latest songs and recordings from one of Baltimore's best singer/songwriters, Matthew Crafton.  Matthew fronted the band BNZ for five years and showcased his songs and their music at many of Baltimore's hottest clubs.  Matt and BNZ have also attracted interest from some of the industry's top engineer/producers such as Stewart Myers (Jason Mraz, Lifehouse) and Chris Keup (Jason Mraz), who helped produce this EP.  Also included are three of Matt's songs not included on the previous "Tricky Damn Road" CD.

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1. Heartbeat
((guest vocals by Matt Hutchison)
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2. My Rollercoaster
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3. Anything Is Possible
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4. Tornado
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5. Refill
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6. Totem
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7. Falls Carol
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8. BNZ EP and extras- $6.75
(entire album zip file)

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