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Lydia McCauley
Sabbath Day's Journey

The soul of Lydia McCauley's music is rooted in the quiet beauty of contemplation. By combining the ancient sounds of the Celts, the Spirituality of Medieval Mystics, and the woeful mourn of the Appalachian tradition, Lydia writes new music that evokes a sense of the past. Sweeping across the centuries, crossing the continents, from Italy to England, Ireland to Southern Appalachian Mountains, she weaves a beautiful musical tapestry of her own journeys.

Produced by Kurt Scherer & Lydia McCauley

The players:
Lydia McCauley /
vocals, piano, keyboards, synth, Garden Weasel
Phil Heaven / viola, violin, doumbek
 Larry Knechtel / piano (Graceday, Burning Bush)
Frank Jackson
/ alto, soprano, sopranino recorders
David J. MacVittie
/ guitar, bouzouki, sitar, doumbek
Frank Olsen /
double bass, bass guitar
Paul Englesberg / concertina, penny whistle
Jud Sherwood /
Kurt Scherer /
bells, Garden Weasel

Download - .99

1. Mother's Heart
Lydia McCauley

2. Buon Giorno, Buena Gente
Lydia McCauley

3. O' Beautiful Earth
Lyrics - McCauley family
Music arranged & adapted by LM

4. Assisi
Lydia McCauley

5. Black Is The Color
Traditional Appalachian

6. Burning Bush
Lydia McCauley

7. Apples On The Tree
Lydia McCauley

8. Graceday
Lydia McCauley

9. Brimstone
Lydia McCauley

10. Holy Drone Of The Valley
Lydia McCauley

11. All Shall Be Well
Lydia McCauley

12. Sabbath Day's Journey
Zipfile - $10.99