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Lydia McCauley
The Moon Of Wintertime

Lydia McCauley's best-selling CD, The Moon Of Wintertime, combines Lydia's radiant voice with her energetic ensemble in an inspired collection of traditional winter songs.  This music has traveled through eight centuries to reach you, passed down from Italian peasants, French farmers, Scottish immigrants, Appalachian singers, and English pub-dwellers.

Produced by Kurt Scherer & Lydia McCauley

The players:
Lydia McCauley /
vocals, piano, keyboard, Appalachian dulcimer, synthesizer, & chimes
Phil Heaven / viola, cymbal
Frank Jackson
/ recorders, penny whistle
Brian Cunningham
/ guitar, mandolin
Lynne Givler /
double bass
Jason Darling /

Download - .99

1. The Moon Of Wintertime
French Canadian

2. Ideo Gloria
Medieval - Instrumental

3. Gifts Of The Magi
Lydia McCauley

4. Good King Wenceslas
Medieval - 1582

5. Childgrove
Instrumental - Traditional English 1701

6. Down In Yon Forest
Traditional Appalachian

7. Star Of The East
Appalachian Hymn

8. Farewell To Glasgow
Traditional Scottish

9. Trotto
14th Century Italian

10. Bring Us In Good Ale
British Isles

11. The Moon Of Wintertime
(Zipfile 10 songs for $9.89)