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Lydia McCauley

Lydia McCauley documented folk music at the prestigious Appalachian Music Archive in Berea, Kentucky in the early 80s and studied with some of the best folk musicians in the Appalachian region.  Lydia returns to her roots in this, her fifth album, a collection of innovatively arranged pieces from 17-20th Century Appalachia, beautifully performed by McCauley and her touring ensemble, along with special guests.  While careful to preserve Appalachian traditions, she creates a fresh and contemporary sound that pleases both traditional and progressive music audiences.

Produced by Kurt Scherer & Lydia McCauley

The players:
Lydia McCauley /
vocals, piano, Appalachian dulcimer
Phil Heaven / viola
Frank Jackson
/ recorders, penny whistle, wooden flute
Brian Cunningham
/ acoustic guitar
Lynne Givler /
double bass, harmony vocals
Jason Darling /
Grant Donnellan / violin
Paul Englesberg /concertina

All songs arranged and adapted by Lydia McCauley, BMI, except River Trilogy, arranged by Kurt Scherer, BMI.

Download - .99

1. One Morning In May
Traditional Appalachian

2. Swallow's Return
Lydia McCauley

3. Pretty Saro
Traditional Appalachian

4. The Cuckoo
Traditional Appalachian

5. Barbara Allan
Traditional Scottish

6. Stella
Medieval, Invernali tempore

7. The River Trilogy
arr. by Kurt Scherer

8. I Will Give My Love An Apple
Traditional Appalachian

9. Softly And Tenderly
W. I. Thompson 1880

10. ForeignLander
Traditional Appalachian

11. Soldier Boy
Traditional Appalachian

12. Margaret's Waltz
Pat Shaw, London 1959

13. Lover's Lament
Traditional Appalachian

14. ForeignLander
(Zipfile 13 songs for 12.79)