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Lydia McCauley
The Beauty Of The Earth

Lydia's songwriting inspired by the Italian countryside is the feature of this work and is fused with her rich vocals and brilliant performances by her ensemble.

Produced by Kurt Scherer & Lydia McCauley

The players:
Lydia McCauley /
vocals, piano, keyboards, synthesizer
Phil Heaven / viola
Frank Jackson
/ recorders, penny whistle, wooden flute
Brian Cunningham
/ acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin
Lynne Givler /
double bass, harmony vocals
Jason Darling /

Download - .99

1. The Beauty Of The Earth
Lydia McCauley

2. I Want To Be Free
Lydia McCauley

3. The River Of Life
Lydia McCauley

4. The Lark In The Morn
Music by Lydia McCauley
Words Traditional British Isles

5. In The Silence
Lydia McCauley

6. Aeternitas
Lydia McCauley

7. The White Heat
Lydia McCauley

8. When You See
Lydia McCauley

9. Burning Of The Piper's Hut
Traditional Scottish

10. Kyrie Eleison
Lydia McCauley

11. The Beauty Of The Earth
(Zipfile 10 songs for $8.99)