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Kristen Cothron
Her voice is reminiscent of classic jazz singers, but the songs are edgy and smart and cut right across the lines just like her musical influences, who range from Elvis Costello to Led Zeppelin to Patsy Cline and Nina Simone.  Although young by measure of years, she emits the soul of a veteran musician through her music, lyrics, and performance.
This CD, her first full length, full band effort, takes the listener on an insightful journey via clever songwriting and unique vocal delivery - from the spine-tingling intrigue of Dangerous, through the anticipation of Whenever You Come Around, ending with the bittersweet melancholy of Fall.

Since the release of "Love Letters from a Fool" in May of 2006 Kristen has been touring regionally and is currently celebrating the release of her music video, "Dangerous."

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Download - .99

1. Dangerous

2. High On The Blues

3. Last Chance Girl

4. Love Letters From A Fool

5. Your Love


7. Slow Down

8. Whenever You Come Around

9. Love Is A Gamble

10. Fall

11. Love Letters From A Fool (Zipfile 10 songs for 9.90)