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Agua Noir
Paul Evans

It means "Dark Waters" and is the latest project from Paul Evans. More eclectic Alternative-Americana and "out of the box" than Endlessly and presents a more intimate and introspective picture of this engaging singer/songwriter

Son Of A Gun
Clay McClinton

Clay (son of Delbert) McClinton plows his own ground and paves his own road in a contemporized version of the patriarch's legacy, carrying on the family tradition in his own big way.

Out Of The Blue
Clay McClinton

Clay's 2004 release goes digital as the roots of his raisin' sprout through in flying colors. The blend of Delbert, JJ Cale and Dire Straits make these tunes a must for your mp3 player..
Love Letters From A Fool
Kristen Cothron
With an amber, sultry tone ..., Cothron applies late-night jazz chops to contemporary adult pop. She's the rare young talent who cares more about expressing a mood and a story than simply showing off her voice.
-Michael McCall, The Nashville Scene

Paul Evans

One of best original traditional country albums you've never heard.  Paul Evans haunts New Jersey and is certainly one of the best unknown and unheralded country singer/songwriters there is. In the mold of Hank, Haggard, Jones, Cash, and Willie
In Her State
Cody Marks

L.A.-based Cody Marks found her heart and soul in the music of Nashville's outlaws Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. In the Cash tradition, Cody has performed for inmates at the Sierra Conservation Center in Northern California.  This recording reflects all of what alternative/alt-country/and Americana music is all about.
Cody Marks
Cody Marks wants her audience to feel like they’re kicking back on a Southern porch and just having a good time. This four-song EP is the latest recording from the singer-songwriter and contains the critically-acclaimed hit duet single "Push And Pull" with James O'Leary.
James O'Leary
James O'Leary is currently working on his first album titled “I Went to High School with that Guy” at his garage studio at his home in Ottertail, MN.  And if this four-song EP is any reflection of what's to come, watch out for this Hollywood-born musician-singer-songwriter.


Toni Catlin

Influenced by the likes of Lucinda Williams, Shawn Colvin, Patty Griffin, among others, Toni broadly fits in with these stylistically without ever being branded a clone.

The Memphis Boys
A digital reissue of a 1990 instrumental album by one of Memphis/Nashville's elite studio teams. 2007 Musicians Hall of Fame inductees, their credits include work on some of the biggest hits of the 70s & 80s from Elvis, Neil Diamond, and Willie Nelson, among many others.

Tricky Damn Road
Matthew Crafton & BNZ
More from Baltimore singer/songwriter Matthew Crafton and his band BNZ which includes Matt on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Anthony DiMenna on bass, Scott Smith on drums and percussion, Carl Grubbs on alto sax, Paul Krysiak on Keyboards and David McCarter on electric guitar.

BNZ EP & Extras
Matthew Crafton
Baltimore singer/songwriter Matthew Crafton and his band BNZ present this EP produced by Stewart Myers (Jason Mraz, Lifehouse) and Chris Keup (Jason Mraz) plus three more of Matt's songs not included on other BNZ albums.


These Days
Clay DuBose

This follow-up to Rewriting History also features guitarist Will Ray and includes ace L.A. players like Greg Leisz, Danny Timms, Mike Clarke and Rami Jaffe of The Wallflowers, and four songs recorded with Brian Hofeldt and The Derailers. Augie Meyers, and Big John Mills, a virtual who's who of Texas musicians. 

Rewriting History
Clay DuBose

Featuring an electrifying cover of The Doors "Love Me Two Times" with Hellcasters guitarist Will Ray, this album is a country gumbo spiced with rock and blues and peppered with insightful lyrics.  It put Clay DuBose on the map of Americana radio.

New Machine
Dave Vaccaro
Boston, Mass. guitarist Dave Vaccaro and LA vocalist Robin McCauley (Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger) team up on this alt/rock project with astounding results. McCauley co-wrote and sings on four tracks while the rest is 100% Dave, on lead vocals and all the instruments throughout.

The Vampire's Lament
(I Like To Suck On Your Neck, Baby)

Halloween brings on a true transformation for this one-night-a-year vampire leaving a lasting impression on him and his unsuspecting mate.


.Angel Heart
Lisa J Aston
From the land down under, Lisa J Aston's Angel Heart is an adult contemporary-alternative country- soft rock collection of originals from one of Australia's best singer-songwriters.

Laugh some, cry some
Bill Creel

Undiscovered traditional country from a smooth singer-songwriter whose love of music and lifetime of travel have given him insight into the hearts and souls of people all over the world.

Manhattan Grits
Cookie Pedersen

Cookie Pedersen performs in the Atlantic City/Philadelphia/
New York area singing these retro country, jazzy, big band renditions of original songs, truly a multi-genre, multi-demographic embodiment of jazz-country fusion.

Between Two Shores
Brendan O'Loughlin
Country, pop, folk, rock, all done with an Irish flair by native-born Irish singer/songwriter/musician Brendan O'Loughlin.

Folk/Celtic/New Age

Foreign Lander
Lydia McCauley

They came across the ocean from the British Isles and sang the songs of their homeland in a new country.  They lived, loved, and died here.  This is the music of Foreign Lander.

The Beauty Of The Earth
Lydia McCauley

Coloring her compositions with Folk, World Music and New Age elements, Washington state resident Lydia McCauley combines the past and present joyfully mapping out new territory for mind and spirit.

Sabbath Day's Journey
Lydia McCauley
By combining the ancient sounds of the Celts, the Spirituality of Medieval Mystics, and the woeful mourn of the Appalachian tradition, Lydia writes new music that evokes a sense of the past.

The Moon Of Wintertime
Lydia McCauley
A fresh interpretation of some very old Christmas pieces and Lydia's own version of the Epiphany story.  She also makes her debut on the Appalachian Dulcimer.

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