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Cookie Pedersen
Manhattan Grits

"MANHATTAN GRITS" is a very special album. The concept of blending Country with Jazz, and using traditionally recognized "country instruments" like pedal steel guitar and fiddle in a jazz recording, was born during conversations between legendary jazz historian and DJ Oscar Treadwell ..."O.T.", ( and his nephew Paul Evans Pedersen, Jr., who also happens to be Cookie's "lesser" half.
"MANHATTAN GRITS" is comprised of ten songs written by Paul, ranging from the light-hearted swing of "When Love Is Happening To You" to the dark and "out-of-the-box" Rumba of "I Wonder If I Love You Anymore" to the bluesy "Loneliness & Vine".

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Download - .99

1. When Love Is Happening To You

2. Loneliness And Vine

3. Tell Me A Lie

4. Me And Your Memory

5. Busy Doin' Nothin'

6. I Wonder If I Love You Anymore

7. There's A Part Of Me

8. Heartbreaks And Memories

9. Empty Bottles

10. You And I

11. Manhattan Grits - $9.89
(entire album zip file)