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Cody Marks
In Her State
Sawgrass Records

Miami-born now-L.A.-based by way of Nashville, TN, Cody Marks honed her musical chops in the biker bars of Key Largo and, encouraged by her father, found her heart and soul in the music of Nashville's outlaws Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.  Compared to Janis Joplin and described often as a female Cash, Cody has made her own marks with her songwriting and performing along the same lines as one of Nashville's great female indie artists, Marshall Chapman.  This recording reflects all of what alternative/alt-country/and Americana music is all about.


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1. The Hidden One
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2. I Can't Wait For Heaven
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3. The One That Got Away
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4. He's Not You
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5. Let Me Show You
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6. Dear Life
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7. Tiny Little World
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8. In Her State 6.89
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