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Clay McClinton







Clay McClinton
Out Of The Blue
This 2004 release features some more co-writes with Delbert and marks an emergence of a more prominent JJ Cale/Mark Knopfler influence on Clay's writing and his delivery.  A nice preview and companion to Son Of A Gun.


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1. Heartache
Clay McClinton/Dave Duncan

2. Left My Baby Blue
Clay McClinton

3. Blues In The Morning
Clay McClinton

4. Lonesome Time
Clay McClinton

5. Jeremiah
Clay McClinton

6. Starting To Itch
Clay McClinton/Delbert McClinton

7. Something's Got A Hold On Me
Clay McClinton

8. Far Too Long
Clay McClinton

9. Texas Memory
Clay McClinton

10. Rambler
Clay McClinton

11. When It Rains
Clay McClinton

12. Out Of The Blue
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