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Clay McClinton








Clay McClinton
Son Of A Gun

A chip off the old block ... the apple don't fall far from the tree ... you can use all the clichés when talking about Clay (son of Delbert) McClinton's music.  But there's a Mark Knopfler/JJ Cale influence in Clay's writing and performing that gives him a "cool" factor.  Not that Delbert isn't cool, ... you can hear the old man in everything but there's a young son quality that contemporizes the body of work.  One of the best independent touring singer/songwriter acts in the business.

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1. One Of Those Guys
Clay McClinton/Dave Duncan

2. A Thing For You
Clay McClinton/Delbert McClinton

3. If We Don't Work Together
Clay McClinton

4. Howlin' At The Moon
Clay McClinton/Delbert McClinton

5. Dig Deep
Clay McClinton/Beverly Threadgill

6. The Man I Wanna Be
Clay McClinton/Andrew Bett

7. Homesick Blues
Clay McClinton

8. Missing You
Clay McClinton/Delbert McClinton

9. Worn Down To The Bone
Clay McClinton/Tim Marks

10. What Can't Be Understood
Clay McClinton/Dave Duncan

11. Listening To The Rain
Traditional/Arrangement by
Doc Watson

12. Son Of A Gun
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