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Clay DuBose
these days

Inspired by the success of Rewriting History, Clay DuBose went back to work to record These Days.  Again he enlisted the help of Will Ray and ace L.A. players like Greg Leisz, Danny Timms, Mike Clarke and Rami Jaffe of The Wallflowers. 

Clay also went home to Texas to co-produce four more songs with Brian Hofeldt of The Derailers. which feature The Derailers, Augie Meyers, and Big John Mills.  "This is an all-star, who's who of Texas music," says Clay. "I was honored to play with them. We had fun and you hear it in the tracks."  The first single "Long, Lonely Life" came from this session and is a rollicking, swinging slice of Texas. These Days is a 12-song journey that ends with Garth Hudson of The Band on piano and accordion accompanying Clay in a torchy reading of Bob Dylan's "I Threw It All Away."  The album was tracked in California, Texas and Tennessee but finally mixed at Back Stage Studio by celebrated mixer and producer, Chuck Ainlay. "Watching Chuck take this labor of love and put it all together was quite an experience. Music just keeps getting better and better," says Clay.

As the title track states:  "I'm alive and learning to enjoy the ride . . . . .These Days."

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1. Long Lonely Life
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2. No Accident
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3. Captivated
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4. Life Of The Party
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5. Fork In The Road
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6. Less Is More
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7. These Days
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8. She Cries
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9. Big Scary Heart
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10. Crack In The Armor
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11. Street Sage
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12. I Threw It All Away
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13. These Days - $10.89
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